2013 Unverferth House Golf Outing – Fall 2013

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the House for our 21st Annual Golf Outing. We could not have done it without our sponsors, Genentech, Ohio State’s Ross Heart Hospital, Unverferth Management and City Barbeque. We had beautiful weather and wonderful volunteers, who helped the Outing run smoothly. Everyone was well fed at lunch by City Barbeque. Thanks go out to all of the businesses and individuals listed on the next page for their support. Congratulations to our first-place team of Ryan Hurley, Mike Hurley, Craig Anderson and Joe Bradley.

Once again Jim Nein, Don Dwyer, Mike Smith and Ralph Williams made a generous donation of the first place prize money in memory of John Kelley. A BIG thank-you to Pete Fox and Rusty Jones from Merrill Lynch for once again rallying foursomes for the outing. Hope you all can join us next summer for the 22nd Annual Golf Outing on July 11, 2014.

Amy Alexander
Josh Alderman
American Funds
Daniel and Lavonne Anania
Craig Anderson
Nick Beyers
Black Rock
Joe Bradley
John Bradley
Julie and Keith Brooks
Buckeye Vodka
Jim Finke
Erin Bumgardner
Adam and Kali Burkhart
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Burkhart
Chile Verde Café
City Barbeque
Bob Clark
Deb Damas
Jeff and Vickie Daniels
Delaware Investments
Paul Denicolo
Diamond Hill Investments
Chris Dibattista
Maghee Disch
Steve Dodge
Don and Lynn Dwyer
89 Fish and Grill
Megan Ekleberry
Roy and Barbara Filly
Kristine Fink
Pete Fox
Phil and Jo Fulton
Pam Gartin
Jody Gerbig
Megan and Charles Glosser
Mr. T.R. Gross
Chad Harrison
The George Unverferth Families
Mack Hartwell
Chet Hawley
Thelma Hawkins
Chet Hawley
Nelson Heinrichs
Michael Hunter
Katie and Ryan Hurley
Mike and Alina Hurley
Integra Realty Resources of
Bruce Daubner
Ivy Funds
James Investment
Brad Johnson
Hahn Loesser and Parks
Leslie Johnson
Rusty Jones and Lynn McCurdy
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight A. Kelley
Tom and Penny Kelsey
Crystal Kirkbride
Kara and John Kneidel
Lord Abbett
Kelli Lynn
Coach Thad Matta
Linda McGuire
Kristen and Granger McKinney
Merrill Lynch
Susan and Robb Mitchell
Susan Montgomery
Mr. James Russell Nein
John O’Connell
Oppenheimer Funds
Ron Palanca
Terrance Pettorini
Melissa Pierce
Huntington Funds
Patrick Prato
Radico, Inc
Mr. Ralph Williams
Peggy and Scott Ripley
The Richard M. Ross Heart
Hospital at Ohio State’s Wexner
Medical Center
Jeri Block and Robert
Mr. Steven Schwanekamp
Paul Scott
John Seidensticker
Luke Seidensticker
Mike Smith
Joseph D. and Angela M.
Mike Stenger
Stillwagon Enterprise
Jim Stillwagon
Kevin Sullivan
Bart Swain
Erin and Tim Thiele
Rob Truckly
Jaret Tyler
Larry and Wendy Tyree
Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Barb Unverferth
Jack and Carol Unverferth
Jim Unverferth HCF
Judge Thomas A. Unverferth
Joe Vinciguerra
Sherri Wissman